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[OPEN AUCTION SB$47] Vampire Dad by 3-X-E [OPEN AUCTION SB$47] Vampire Dad :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 38 13 [CLOSED AUCTION SB$47] Dawn Breaker by 3-X-E [CLOSED AUCTION SB$47] Dawn Breaker :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 20 3 Enganis by 3-X-E Enganis :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 18 0 [OPEN AUCTION] Spring Shopkeepers by 3-X-E [OPEN AUCTION] Spring Shopkeepers :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 44 4 FTLoNT Sketchpage by 3-X-E FTLoNT Sketchpage :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 24 1 [OPEN OTA] From The Land Of No Tomorrow by 3-X-E [OPEN OTA] From The Land Of No Tomorrow :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 34 5 [OPEN OTA WITH SPINE ANIMATION] God Hunter by 3-X-E [OPEN OTA WITH SPINE ANIMATION] God Hunter :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 31 28 God Hunter Spined by 3-X-E God Hunter Spined :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 29 0 [OPEN AUCTION SB$45 1/2] Pervy Priest n Priestess by 3-X-E [OPEN AUCTION SB$45 1/2] Pervy Priest n Priestess :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 35 16 Abyss Walker Portrait by 3-X-E Abyss Walker Portrait :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 68 2 dead meat by 3-X-E dead meat :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 52 5 [OPEN OTA MINIMUM $57] Abyss Walker by 3-X-E [OPEN OTA MINIMUM $57] Abyss Walker :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 60 4 Summer Corsair Sketchpage by 3-X-E Summer Corsair Sketchpage :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 34 3 [CLOSED AUCTION SB$75] Summer Corsair by 3-X-E [CLOSED AUCTION SB$75] Summer Corsair :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 38 14 Lovers and the Moon by 3-X-E Lovers and the Moon :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 54 2 [CLOSED AUCTION SB$57] Mecha Dino Knight by 3-X-E [CLOSED AUCTION SB$57] Mecha Dino Knight :icon3-x-e:3-X-E 15 6


Collab Adopts (OPEN AB ADDED!) by Ponkochi Collab Adopts (OPEN AB ADDED!) :iconponkochi:Ponkochi 135 21 Hinoki - process by chirun Hinoki - process :iconchirun:chirun 683 0 Character Clothing Challenge Prompts 11-15 by betsyillustration Character Clothing Challenge Prompts 11-15 :iconbetsyillustration:betsyillustration 293 15 9S by Christian-Angel 9S :iconchristian-angel:Christian-Angel 453 12 After Rain by teagirl-vn After Rain :iconteagirl-vn:teagirl-vn 381 10 Adopt auction - [CLOSED] - Aristocratic elf by Yearniing-And-Heroin Adopt auction - [CLOSED] - Aristocratic elf :iconyearniing-and-heroin:Yearniing-And-Heroin 42 2 170519 - Regalia - Griffith 1 by Runshin 170519 - Regalia - Griffith 1 :iconrunshin:Runshin 342 5
Commissions! ^-^ (OPEN)

Updating Soon!

Black and white sketch
Headshot: £5 ($6.50)
Waist up/Full body: £10 ($13)

Colour headshots
£15 ($19.50)

Colour Waist up

£30 ($39)
Commission 7 - Caerina by ShimizuRyuCommission 6 - Honest by ShimizuRyu
:iconshimizuryu:ShimizuRyu 48 17
Email me the detail descriptions to or so I can give you the price quotes. :)
Orcinus and Cato by InaWong  Knight by InaWong  MIRANA by InaWong Draconis Invasion : Dragon Rider by InaWong
Tropical Thunder White Tiger by InaWong Lady Bird by InaWong
 Treasure Island by InaWong Shiori by InaWong Possessed Samurai by InaWong Vietnamese Fighter by InaWong 
:iconinawong:InaWong 4 6
Commission: Closed
Informations: my status commission is closed, because I will get busy in my real life in the next month and so on. I am sorry >.<"
I am still working commissions in this batch ( you can see in my Deviantart profile at  "To Do list" custom. For my clients who already taken "Waitlist", you will get notification from me when I already finishing this batch.
I will reopen commission when I ready, thank you so much for reading this journal, I am sorry for waiting so long :(

:star:I draw:
-Original Character
-fan art
-avatar games (example : your characters from World of Warcraft, Line play , Final Fantasy XIV, online games, etc)
- Character Design
:star:I don't draw:
- Mecha
- Mature Content
:star:Way to pay:
-For Indonesia: Mandiri
-Note me first, then after I
:iconinnervalue:Innervalue 171 389
COMMISSION2017 [ update/close ]
*will start drawing on 18th May*
(price varies depending on the complexity, rendering, setting and amount of detail).



* double price for double characters *
busts commission for ayaun by Afternoontm
commission for Vi by Afternoontm
There will be an additional price for drawing background.
I draw: OC, fanart, light NL, light BL, light GL
I don't draw: NSFW , violence ,robotic ,furry 
I will sent the draft to you and can be adjusted 3 times limitedI will start doing the final work AFTER full paymentI reserve the right to reject commission.If I’m cancel your commission,the payment w
:iconafternoontm:Afternoontm 13 5
Commission Info (OPEN/CLOSED)
*Anybody who sent me an email before CLOSED will still get a commission. 
*If you`ve sent me a note about a commission and I havent responded yet, dont worry. I will write you back once I finish a batch of commissions. I do this so I can spend more time on the current batch of commissions.

If you would like one, send me a note!
The price can go up depending on details. - OC/Fan art, one character per page. (For speed, I would like to draw from an image of the design/character wanted. I may have to charge more for long descriptions without images and highly detailed characters.)
Base prices(meaning they can rise depending on how detailed/description without images/etc)
Rough sketch with flat colour - $55 >  
Rough sketch full body - $45 >
:iconkasai:kasai 22 2
Commissions Open! Portrait- 3 left, Nouveau CLOSED

-3 Portrais
-0 Art Nouveau CLOSED

I'm done with my Uni and I'm going to start new life so I'm trying to earn money to afford living on my own.
I have 10 slots open ( 5 for art nouveau type and 5 for potrait type).
Send me a note if you are interested or message me via email to
-Send me a message containing what type of commission you want 
-Include max. 2 pictures of a character you want me to draw
-Not including any weapons or large accesories
-After receiving a payment you will be placed in a queue ( order of queue will be based on ordering commission time)
-Please DO NOT spam me with questions about your commission.If you are concerned or worried send me one message or two. Don't spam it daily. I'm a person with a lot of work and my own life too, I'm not a machine .
- I do not draw: gore, nudity.
:iconrinrindaishi:RinRinDaishi 6 0
Headshot commissions by Orsob Headshot commissions :iconorsob:Orsob 16 2 Wrenchie by evelmiina Wrenchie :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 235 11
Check out these lovely pieces and the artists behind them!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


3-X-E's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hi there, I'm EXE. You may also call me Hyde and Swordie. This is my account to store all of my roleplay things, such as characters, ideas, and graphics. I'm nineteen years old, Filipino-american, and a Scorpio for those who are curious. I may be shy but I'm always open to new friends! o/

The icon here is made by BloodyArchimedes! Pixel icon is by leyalluna!

Requests: Never, unless if you're in a group I'm in.
Commissions: I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS AS CLOSED! See here for details.
Art Trades: Don't ask.


:iconaltercrux: :iconkaichouacademy:

Buy Me a Coffee at


[OPEN AUCTION SB$47] Vampire Dad
Please enjoy!! Here's my adopts TOS!
Auction will end 24 hours after the latest bid. The AB is $104. 


"I would go through Hell to see this child survive... She would be happy, too."

"It is stressful to go around with hate weighing your heart down. It would do nothing but consume your entire being. I wouldn't want that kind of life for my son. You would understand, right?"

"Greetings, welcome to my manor. I am ___________, and this is my son, ___________. Make yourself at home here."

"I do not drink the blood of humans... I used to before when I was a young vampire, with reckless abandon. Seeing that there's better ways to carry myself, I only live off the blood of beasts."

"Now, now, son. Are you hungry? Let's get some fresh blood for you, then!"

"My hospitality and patience will not be a weakness. I too can be quite the monster when it's tried, and you would not want me to see my at my worst. Now, sit down."

"I... am not adverse to starting a new relationship. Though, my original lover will never be replaced. If you treat my son as if he is not your own, then there is no use getting close to me like that."
"Oh, for me? Thank you... I appreciate the gesture." (Giving him a gift he likes.)
"Looks like my son enjoys it. You have my gratitude for taking care of him. (Giving him a gift his son likes.)
"...Would it be rude to ask for something else? I acknowledge your intentions, but..." (Giving him a gift he dislikes.)
"Keep that thing away from him." (Giving him a gift his son dislikes.)

A vampire who recently became a father. He is often wrought with loneliness, but it's easily washed away with the sight of his child. He lives in a large estate hidden away in the mountains, but it doesn't save him from having a quiet and peaceful life. Even if he's learned from his human lover that people like him and the rest of the world are allowed to coexist, people outside tend to challenge him and try to kill him. Now with the news of the birth of a half-human half-vampire child, people have grown even more livid and treat it like an unholy union that should never exist.

His lover was brave about bearing a child with him despite warning her. The baby's vampire instincts will overwhelm it and would eat its way out from the inside. When the time came, he couldn't bring himself to watch her suffer a cruel and painful fate, so he killed her himself to save her and allowed the baby to continue doing what it had to do. He knew that his child would have no recollection of the event, so he would fabricate a story that his sickly mother passed away shortly after he was born due to stress.

It was easy for him to see humans as monsters, constantly after him and his child. However, this vampire refuses to hold such a terrible grudge against them. He has a deep and smooth voice, which could charm many into sleep should they listen to him. He's quite patient (being a parent would require it anyway), and tends to keep his composure well under pressure. He is a powerful vampire since he's managed to live for such a long time and can influence other lesser ones with his charisma, but in the end he's still quite the protective father. Even if the baby could latch onto him like what bat pups do with their mothers, he still holds onto him close. He could hardly stand to be apart from his child, and his calm self can easily be broken if he feels as if his child's in danger (which is often when he's away).
[OPEN OTA] From The Land Of No Tomorrow
Here's my adopts TOS.
Please make offers that make sense! Just because I didn't put a minimum on him doesn't mean he'd be worth pennies. Also, I do not accept points, just money and art.
On top of the fullbody painted extra, he also comes with a sketch page!


"Just as I thought... this world looks beautiful."

"You'll only recognize something's value once you've lost it... I've lost an entire future with my friends and family."

"I'm _______________. I come from a world with no tomorrow... not of my own accord, anyway. It's nice to meet you."

"My survival had more worth than the people that sent me here... I do not intend to let that sentiment go to waste."

"My clothes and mechanical friends are pretty... weird in your timeline, aren't they? (laughs) Forgive me for being stubborn, though, these are the only things I have that I can remember my world with."

"These diamonds floating near me? They're called 'options'. I tend to call them 'mechanical friends' more. They have all sorts of uses, such as defense and even help me ascend to certain places with improvised staircase steps."

"Even if it means I would have to steal away the stars or walk through the bowels of hell, I'll do whatever it takes to save you, and everyone else... I've already lost everyone I loved the first time. That won't happen again!"
"Ah, I didn't expect this... thank you. I'll cherish it even beyond the end." (Giving him a gift he likes.)
"Ugh... I'm sorry, I shouldn't take things for granted, but... I'll take it anyway, thank you." (Giving him a gift he dislikes.)

Centuries beyond this current time lies a bleak fate. This swordsman comes from a time in which time has ended, and thus the world. While their technology has managed to break through the boundary at the very last second, in the end, it's still a second their entire world has been hanging on. To him, this was known as "the longest hour". While people were encouraged to live through their daily lives again, that timer that floated above them was a permanent reminder of their doom. Every second was treated like a new day. As time still pushed forward, people grew hopeless and decided that their children should be able to live their lives like they should. While some children rebelled, saying that they could suffer a fate worse than death, they were forced into a pod and shot like an arrow through time anyway.

He was one of those people that wanted to stay. However, after being forced back in time, he has no choice but to adapt and deal with his new environment. Despite looking cold, he's actually overly polite towards those who wish him no ill will. His twin swords and fighting style can look intimidating, though he also values all sorts of life. Don't be fooled by thinking that his respect towards you means that he desires to be close immediately; it takes a long time for him to trust in someone and self-disclose to them. All in all, he's a mild-mannered fighter with a will so strong that sometimes, he leaps before he looks.
[OPEN AUCTION] Spring Shopkeepers
...Yeah, yeah, we know it's not Spring anymore :U
Anyway, this is a little adopt collab that my friend :iconcanndrew: and I decided to do! Please enjoy!

Here's my TOS, as always! o/ Cann has their own TOS, which can be viewed here!

SB for the Eastern Dragon (left) is $35, while the AB is $100! Cann will also throw in a painted bust as the AB bonus!

As for the Western Dragon (right), his SB is $85 while he comes with no AB bonuses. The AB is $150! The reason why he has that absurd starting bid is because he already comes with a ton of extra art, such as a painted bust of his armor (shown above), a spine animation, and this doodle I made for his dragon form

Auction ends 48 hours after the bid.


Eastern Dragon (drawn by canndrew)

"Heyoooo, _______ ! What'll it be today?"

"Our work here gets tough sometimes, but there's nothing more rewarding than the smiles and amazement on our customer's faces!"

"This armor? Heh, looks good on me, don't it? When I'm not around the store, I do all sorts of stuff to pass the time. Sparring is kinda like cross training for the job; you never know what you'll run into collecting essences out in the wild! If I have to wrestle a bear or some junk for the best of the best goods, I'd better be prepared and looking awesome while doing it!"

"Oh no, did I whack you with my tail? Sorry, haha... sometimes I think it's got a mind of its own."

The Eastern Dragon is an energetic and mischevious kind of guy. He works in the essence shop with his fellow dragon, and can get especially chatty with regulars. He's always looking for new wild ideas for store promotions (buy two or more essences and you can touch his tail!?!?), and is a firm believer that good, genuine service helps sell the products. 

When he's not at the store, he exercises frequently and enjoys working on his fighting skills. Though he's got that flashy set of armor, there's not a scar visible on his body. This isn't because he's some sort of dual dagger-wielding's because he hasn't actually been in many real fights before. But who knows, maybe someday! He likes the idea of someday helping to protect his country, but the idea of leaving a scar or two on his hot bod? Not so much.

Western Dragon (drawn by me)

"Welcome to our humble store... if there's anything you need help with, please, ask us."

"You're probably wondering how we're able to fit such remarkable sights in those bottles... they're actually real, breathing environments. We take a very small and harmless chunk of 'spring essence' and keep it contained and alive for as long as it needs. They're only for looking, however; open up the bottle again and the entire thing will collapse and the magic will be gone. Do treat them with care."

"This field here? It was actually from a thousand years ago... I'm sure it must be nice to be able to catch a glimpse of your world far before you were born. Oh, but if you'd like, I've also bottled some incense too. Would you like to be able to smell this field a thousand years ago after fresh rain?"

"My business partner, _____________, is almost as if he's an essence of Spring himself... many take people like him for granted."

Unlike his fellow shopkeeper, the Western Dragon has a mellower disposition, all the while still being attentive to his customers' needs. He takes the form of a youngish man, although he's actually quite ancient. Perhaps this is why he has more patience with people, and is more than willing to tell extensive stories about the essences he and his partner has collected only if they want to. He can be calm even when he's being yelled at, although once his essences get involved, he's quick to snap and take action.

The Western Dragon tends to stay around to man and keep watch of the shop while the Eastern Dragon goes off to find more essences. Back when he was younger, he was actually quite aggressive and fought many people with mixed results. After witnessing the landscape change before his very eyes, he decided it was time to forego battling and instead preserve the sights and smells of Spring from across the globe and time. Nowadays, he keeps all of his essences in a humble store and wishes to spread happiness and allow people to appreciate nature in the past and present through his work. 
EDIT: The highest offer is now $100! Please make your offers around that range. o/

"swordie his shoulder armor can be seen on his flats but not in his paints..."
Understandable. I messed up and forgot to cut out his shoulder and make it into a separate part, but it's too late for that. orz Besides, you have a brain, you can use the flats as a reference since /it's there/...

So I needed to practice more Spine animations, and this is the guy that I decided to create and animate.
Anyway, I have no idea how to price him, make an offer as long as it's reasonable. Art and money only, please! Here's my TOS!

Also comes with his painted fullbody animated with Spine. Ofc there's a larger resolution than this, if you don't mind the huge filesize. Yaaaay!


"So you're __________? Charmed. I am __________."

"What are Gods to non-believers? Good question! For me, they're work."

"Oh, I'm not the kind of guy to desecrate a sanctuary because of what I do. Though, it is pitiful to watch people worship something that isn't even there..."

"Do you ever wonder where do shops get so many Phoenix feathers? This is where I, amongst many others surprisingly, come in."

"Believe it or not, immortals need us as we need them. We may kill them, but they always come back. We God Hunters should be called 'God Regulators' instead, killing them over and over so that way their exponential power growth won't overwhelm everything else and tip the balance. It's difficult to imagine having to keep the very thing you worship in check, right? It's understandable since that view is so popular with the public. Our immortal prey, like us however, also have an instinct for survival. Everything in this universe does. That very instinct is what makes killing them, well, to say the least, difficult like a hunt."

"Loving me is... unwise, to say the least, for the both of us. I'd hate to make you worry, while in turn I'm anxious about you getting hurt if you came with me."
"It's difficult to believe that thoughts like this are more rare than the materials I gather... thank you, very much for this." (Giving him a gift he likes.)
"...Perhaps it slipped my mind to caution you about the things I like less... but I'll take it anyway. You made an effort, after all." (Giving him a gift he dislikes.)

A God Hunter. While the title seems as if he's part of some unstoppable force filled with elites, he has to go through the dangers that is hunting down Gods. In fact, use used to be quite arrogant and would look down on others who are "less talented", but deciding to challenge Gods in hopes to become the very best actually humbled him. His mannerisms are mild, and even when he comes face to face with someone who wishes ill will on him, his gall comes in the form of still being polite with them.

Despite striving to look and act his best, he's still vain when it comes to his appearance. It's easy to think he's selfless with his exterior, but in reality he has a tendency to still be more self-absorbed and inconsiderate especially in dire situations (i.e. refusing to help someone else and help himself instead). Of course, he regrets his actions after finding out that there were better options. While he doesn't hide the fact that he hunts Gods, he also has to deal with the stigma that comes with the fact that he still "kills Gods".


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